Hello!  I’m Jane Dugger and my blog is about sewing, gardening and other wild notions which strike my fancy.

I live in Denver, Colorado where I work part-time at the university law library.  I’ve been sewing since my teens and gardening seriously for the past five years.

What else is there to know … I love to read & discuss books.  I eat just about anything (not tripe).  I think maps are very cool & can spend hours browsing an atlas.  I would love to learn a foreign language fluently and travel more.

To contact me, please email lisptickjane @ yahoo [dot] com

More about me:

  • Check out my sewing group at Denver Sewing Collective
  • See what books I’ve read at Goodreads
  • Age: pushing 40
  • Relationship status: long term?????
  • Religious affiliation: LDS framework
  • Myers-Briggs: ESTJ, always thought I was an ENTJ
  • Zodiac: Aquarius

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